My commitment

Dear ESOMAR colleague,

In a few days the Council elections for the next two years will take place. The world is undergoing the greatest transformation since the Industrial Revolution and you have the possibility to influence with your vote for our Association to help its members to grow professionally and emerge stronger from this crisis.

What can I contribute as a Vice President and member of the Council and why do I think I can.

  • Keep building bridges.

When I ran for the Council elections in 2018, I made a commitment to collaborate with national associations and seek alliances with other sectors of activity. I believe I have complied, helping to rebuild relationships and strengthen others with associations in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and Peru. I intend to continue in the same line, collaborating in the organization of local events, promoting exchanges between regions, and helping to create local associations where they do not yet exist.

We must also continue to integrate professionals from activities that increasingly correlate with ours, such as hardware and software developers and data analysts who contribute, like market researchers, to produce strategic information for companies.

I believe that I can continue to make a valuable contribution in this regard, from my belonging to various cultures, my 31 years of experience in the research sector, my strong vocation for associative activities, and my strong commitment to the mission and objectives of ESOMAR.

  • Collaborate in the transition to the “New World”.

Many colleagues belong to small structures that have been heavily affected by the pandemic. From the ESOMAR Council we must help the Research community in its reconversion by providing training, networking and exchange of experiences between members. Pandemics have been, throughout history, catalysts of new opportunities, and ESOMAR must collaborate in this regard.

As Vice President of the Council I will make available my experience in multiple reconversions throughout my 31 years as a market research professional. I went from pen & pencil to telephone surveys to landlines, then to cell phones, then online, and today I am doing studies that merge machine learning with traditional qualitative research. I also decided 5 years ago not to have any physical offices and to work with my team remotely.

  • Promote the reconversion of ESOMAR’s value proposition.

ESOMAR faces the same challenge as any company: adapting its value proposition and sustainability model to the new post-Covid world. In this last year we have worked from the Council on this adaptation but there is still a long way to go. There is a particular area in which I am committed to working on, which is the development of training courses in specific areas of market research, but also in medium-term careers aimed at training the new generations of professionals in our sector. There is a gap in many countries and ESOMAR has members with experience in university teaching who could contribute to this task.

As a university professor that I have been for 28 years, I know this problem and I am committed to promoting the development of these activities from the Council.